Peer Support Basics
Presented by: Peer Specialist (MHPS): Mary Tolle, Uma Chatterjee & Yoana Garcia
Tuesday, October 12th | Noon-1p.m. | Zoom

How a CSL Project can Boost Personal, Professional, and Organizational Identity
Presented by: Paulina H. Mazurek, Ed.D.
Tuesday, September 28th | Noon-1p.m. | In-person ALTC 1.105

Tips for Getting Started on a CSL Project
Presented by: CSL Student Leaders
Thursday, July 15th | Noon-1p.m. | ALTC 1.107

Building effective communication skills to help move from vaccine hesitancy to vaccine hope
Presented by: Ruth E. Berggren, MD, MACP,  Melanie Stone, MPH, MEd, Jason Morrow, M.D., Ph.D., Rachel Pearson, M.D. Ph.D. & Jason Rosenfeld, DrPH, MPH
Wednesday, May 5th | Noon-1p.m. | Zoom