MEDI 4000 HIV Out Loud

Course Number

MEDI 4000 for MSI, II and MSIV

School of Medicine Course Director
Rachel Pearson, M.D. Ph.D., Cheever Center for Medical Humanities Ethics

Course Description
For the first time this year, participation in HIV Out Loud is being made available for elective credit for first, second & fourth-year medical students. Students in this course will learn how to record oral history and will work closely with people living with HIV, advocates and family members to record a life history for the permanent archive in the Briscoe Library. The course positions people living with HIV as teachers who share about living with HIV here in South Texas, and about HIV as a social and personal phenomenon.

The course follows a hybrid format.  In August, students will participate in 1 in-person orientation meeting. In September, there will be 3 required in-person sessions in which students will receive safe-space training and learn to record oral history. Subsequently, to receive credit for the course students will be required to attend 2 community events (such as tabling at World AIDS Day, going to the capital for HIV advocacy day, tabling during PRIDE, presenting on the project, etc) and to either record an oral history for the archive or work with Dr. Pearson to produce a paper or education/analytical tool that uses the materials already archived. This course is a great fit for trainees interested in history, in HIV itself, and in community engagement/advocacy.

Course Objectives

  • Improve your visual observation skills
  • Develop interprofessional communication skills
  • Gain comfort with ambiguity
  • Practice team-based problem solving

Course Requirements

  • Attend special event/lecture pertaining to the course
  • Visit outreach areas

If you are interested in this course, please contact Iris Mast at or