INTD 4007/ELEC 5044: Leadership in Interprofessional Community Service Learning

Course Numbers

1st year Medical: ELEC 5044
2nd year Medical: ELEC 5044
4th year Medical: INTD 4007
4th year Dental: SELC 7714, 7715

Pharmacy: PHR 370S

Course Instructors

Melanie Stone, MPH, M.Ed., School of Medicine
Veronica Young, Pharm.D., MPH School of Pharmacy
Mosh Farokhi, D.D.S., MPH, FAGD Dental School

Course Description

This is an innovative interprofessional community service learning (CSL) course for medical, dental, and pharmacy students.  The goal of this course is to promote social accountability among health professional students through the integration of meaningful service learning with the core competencies of interprofessional education.   This course enables students from various health science professions to learn with, from, and about each other and each other’s roles on a health care team as they examine social determinants of health and social justice issues while applying these principles in a structured service learning practicum

Course Objectives

  • Identify the principles of service learning.  
  • Demonstrate the 4 core competency domains of interprofessional education:  values/ethics for interprofessional practice, roles/responsibilities, interprofessional communication, and teams/teamwork.
  • Describe the impact of social determinants of health on health disparities of a specific community.
  • Demonstrate the use of culturally competent professional behaviors and their role in community service learning activities.
  • Learn about, with, and from each other by actively participating with students from a variety of health professions through monthly team-based learning and through a shared community service learning experience.
  • Develop ethical approaches to interprofessional patient/population centered care situations.
  • Critically reflect on own personal role as a future health care provider and leader in a team-based setting.

Course Requirements

  • Learning Modules
  • Monthly Class Sessions
  • Peer Presentation
  • Community Service Learning Practicum
  • Abstract/Poster of CSL Project
  • Presentation of Poster

If you are interested in this course, please contact Iris Mast, Academic Program & Global Health Cordinator at