INTD 4030: Preparing for Global Health Work

Course Directors

Ruth Berggren, M.D., MACP
Barbara Taylor, M.D., MS
Jason Rosenfeld, DrPH, MPH

Course Description

Preparing for Global Health Work is a two-week multidisciplinary course for 4th-year medical students, during the end of Period 7 and beginning of Period 8, who are planning future global health experiences. This preparatory course aims to provide a foundation of practical knowledge in global health to optimize the students’ overseas experiences, facilitate their adaptation to working in different cultural settings, and maximize their impact in the communities where they serve. Topics will include chronic and infectious disease, parasitic infection, prioritizing community resources, health disparities, ethical dilemmas, cultural awareness and professionalism. The course material will be presented through a variety of approaches, including lectures, small group case discussions, lab sessions and online learning modules.

Course Objectives

  • To advance knowledge specific to global health issues, such as health disparities, disease burden measurements, healthy policy, maternal and child health
  • To broaden understanding of chronic and infectious diseases impacting developing countries, with emphasis on HIV and TB
  • To highlight the importance of prioritizing community resources – community leaders, public health services, faith groups, governments and other NGOs – to encourage collaboration
  • To teach diagnostic and management approaches of parasitic infections, including malaria, dengue, typhoid, intestinal parasites, with hands-on laboratory practicums
  • To provide a framework for understanding the ethical dilemmas encountered in global health through case studies
  • To deepen insight into different cultures thereby building a foundation that promotes professionalism
  • To offer skills and knowledge geared towards enhancing students’ abilities to practice in resource-poor settings

Course Requirements

  • Daily sessions for the whole two weeks
  • Global Health Topic Didactic
  • Final Exam

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