INTD 4106 – Practical Ethics for Healers

Course Director

Ruth Berggren, M.D., MACP
Jason Morrow, M.D., Ph.D.

Course Description

After graduation, students will begin time as a resident/intern/house staff. With this first job comes increased responsibility and increased pressure. This course serves to explore some of the ethical and professional challenges that new physicians may encounter in this next stage. The course will look at personal values in relation to medicine, the relationship between ethics and law, the clinical ethics service, the role of the physician in society, medical errors and apology, and understanding “physician, heal thyself.”

Course Objectives

  • To identify ethical and professional challenges faced by residents
  • To understand the social determinants of health and their role in the health care system
  • To explain the professional behaviors expected of physicians

Course Requirements

  • Attend seminar
  • Participation

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