Rural Health at la Universidad Francisco Marroquín


Country: Guatemala
City/Town: San Juan Sacatepéquez
Type of Site: Clinical
Organization/Institution: Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM), Clinica Bárbara
Year of Study: MSIII/MSIV
Dates: Open
Website: Clinica Barbara


  • Currently enrolled in fourth year of medical school;
  • Preferred to have completed rotations in Internal Medicine, Surgery, OB/GYN, and Pediatrics.

Application Procedures

Visiting Clerkship

Program Description

The Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín was created in 1977 and since that time has quickly become recognized nationally and internationally as a center of excellence in medical training and research. As part of its training program, a rural community health program known as the Supervised Professional Practice (Ejercicio Profesional Supervisado) was developed in 2004 centered at the Clinica Bárbara. During their final year of study, Guatemalan medical students rotate through the Clinica Bárbara for four months to complete their practical training in rural health care. The Clinica Bárbara is well equipped and staffed with specialized physicians and public health experts who contribute to the training of the medical students while providing primary care services to this under-served population.

The Clinica Bárbara accepts international students for visiting clerkships for a maximum of 3 months. While the clinic provides primary care services, the main emphasis of service delivery is in the provision of Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Trauma. International students work directly with Guatemalan medical students, all supervised and mentored by a physician preceptor. In addition to the clerkship opportunities at the Clinica Bárbara, students also have the opportunity to travel to the surrounding villages to work in smaller primary care clinics and to conduct household visits.

Additional Information

Visit the website for any additional information about UFM and la Clinica Bárbara, including past student evaluations.

Estimated Budget for 1 Month

Item Cost (USD)
Application Fee 150
Airfare 500
Food & Excess Transportation 300
Miscellaneous 500
Total $1,450