Pre-Departure Forms and Resources

CMHE – Required Forms 

  1. Consent Form
  2. Global Health Mission Statement
  3. Proof of Immunizations
  4. Student Affidavit

Do not submit the CMHE forms to the Office of International Services (OIS).

Office of International Services Travel Packet forms can be found at the following link: OIS Travel packets.  Look for the forms under the EDUCATION ABROAD heading at the bottom of the page. 

Other Guidelines and Resources

CMHE Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

Personal Pre-Trip Preparation and Tips

CMHE Global Health Guidelines

CMHE Policies & Procedures for the Requisition of Supplies and Equipment for Approved International Electives

CMHE Travel Requisition and Reimbursement Policies & Procedures for Approved International Electives

Travel Clinic

Schedule an appointment with a travel clinic to ensure you have all the necessary vaccinations and travel medications for the country you will visit, at least two months prior to travel. You can do this at the UT Health SA travel clinic at the MARC or at Passport Health.

Research Ethics

If you are conducting any type of research while abroad, check with UT Health SA’s Institutional Review Board to see if your research needs to be reviewed.

If you are planning to conduct human subjects research of any type (e.g. surveys, interviews, focus groups), then you must complete the Human Subjects Research Course offered by the CITI Program.