Jason Rosenfeld, DrPH, MPH, CHWI

Assistant Professor of Medicine | Director for Global Health Education

Personal Statement:

“Serving others has always given my life meaning and this orientation was the impetus behind my initial venture into global health with the United States Peace Corps. Little did I know that this passion would take me to the far reaches of Africa and back again to Texas where I was born and raised. I view it as an honor and a privilege to serve impoverished and at times voiceless communities both at home and abroad and to now be in a position to share my experiences and mentor the next generation of health care providers. When my wife and I left Zimbabwe in 2011, I never thought I would find a ‘home’ to pursue my passion and vision of the world in Texas. However, the boundless energy, enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge and service orientation of our students is inspiring and now I cannot imagine a better place to call home than the Center.”