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Preparing tomorrow's healers to act with compassion and justice

The Center's vision is to develop a unique program that will make a significant difference in the quality of medical education in the United States. The program emphasizes ethics and professionalism and encourages community service learning in clinics around San Antonio, in the colonias of Laredo and Corpus Christi and in missions abroad, where medical students experience medicine as it is practiced in resource-poor environments.

The Center works to assure that students are knowledgeable about the principles of medical ethics related to their professional activities. They are expected to be able to identify, analyze and resolve moral conflicts that arise in the care of a patient. The program helps heighten students' sensitivity to the patient's experience and preserve their innate empathy.

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CMHE First Decade Reflections

How does the Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics nurture empathy and develop humanitarian values among future health care leaders? Watch this video to learn about the Center's mission, people and programs.